News about construction

Our aim is that the timing and implementation of the construction work on the Ratina shopping centre creates minimal disturbance. We want to be a good neighbour and actively communicate information about the different stages of construction and the impact they have on the surrounding area by arranging information events for residents, for example. The progress of construction can also be monitored via the shopping centre’s Facebook page.

The frame of the shopping centre is taking shape

Construction has now progressed to the stage where most of the work is being done within the shopping centre, and the work on building service systems is continuing in parallel with the interior work. The construction of the interiors of Funkkis-Ratina and Ranta-Ratina will start in autumn 2017.

Information events for residents

The information events are aimed at people who live in the vicinity of the Ratina shopping centre. The latest information event was held on 21 March 2017.

Download a PDF presentation from the event held on 21 March 2017 IN FINNISH