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Information on premises for rent

Henri Eteläpelto

Senior Leasing Manager
tel. 0400 953 675

Tanja Teeriaho

Leasing Manager
tel. 050 480 1989

Eino Hankela

Leasing Manager
tel. 040 588 5681

Information on the construction project

Rauno Kulmala

Project Manager
tel. 040 353 0050

Media contacts

Veli-Pekka Tanhuanpää

Senior Vice President, Property Development
tel. 040 700 9646

Susanna Aula

Communications Manager
tel. 040 763 6994

Mervi Ahola

Shopping Centre Manager
tel. 040 653 2575

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Ratina newsletter

The Ratina newsletter provides information on events at the shopping centre.