The Ratina shopping centre brings something entirely new to the city. The new shopping centre marks a significant turn in the development of Tampere and the Ratina district. Ratina will be an experience-oriented urban space where community and collaboration will play important roles. Read more about what is being said about Ratina and what services it will offer. Keep abreast of the area’s development and the progress of construction.

The stylish and spacious Lidl store opening in Ratina in April is in line with the chain's new look. The greyish and logistically well designed store services its customers with an extensive product selection and over 20 retail professionals. Read more

Eurokangas is adding to the interior design and home decor services in the Ratina shopping centre by opening a big store with a wide range of products. Eurokangas, a Finnish family business and the leader and specialist in importing and retailing fabrics. Read more

Granit is a Swedish design and lifestyle business specialising in functionality and storage solutions. The Granit design concept focuses on beautiful interior design products, sustainable choices and the wish for all of us to enjoy life and have a good time together.  Read more

The store to be opened in Ratina will bring Alko’s services to the heart of the new and fast developing urban centre. The large store will offer a wide range of products and will have a floor area of 350 square metres.  Read more

Timanttiset is the leading retail chain of watches and jewellery in Finland. In the Timanttiset store opening in Ratina shopping centre customers find well-known, quality products and international and domestic brands. Timanttiset store offers watches, diamond, silver and gold jewellery, other silverware and giftware. Timanttiset professionals help Ratina shopping centre customers also with all the repair and maintenance works related to the watchmakers and goldsmiths field. Read more

Espresso House offers visitors to the Ratina shopping centre a wide selection of delicious specialty coffees and various coffee-based beverages. Read more

Tratto is a laid-back Italian restaurant that offers classic Italian dishes prepared with passion. You can stop by Tratto for a drink and take a break from shopping, or come and enjoy a high-quality meal in unhurried surroundings with attentive service. Read more

Established in 1999, Body Action is a shop that sells sporty fashion, workout clothes and supplements. The company, which originally comes from Kuopio, has arrived in Tampere to help you achieve your exercise and wellbeing goals. At Ratina shopping centre, you will find friendly expert staff who know how to advise you on choosing the right supplements and vitamins, as well as workout clothes and equipment. The shop’s high-quality selection and expert service will inspire you to come back again and again. Read more

Hairlekiini is a barber shop and hair salon for the whole family and a specialty shop for hair care products. At their location in Ratina shopping centre, you will always find service tailored just for you, whether you need a quick haircut or dye during a busy day or want to pamper yourself with relaxing all-exclusive hair care. Hairlekiini also has walk-in service: customers can simply walk-in and have their hair cut in between shopping. The expert staff at the Ratina location are also happy to recommend hair care products that are just right for you. Read more

Tortilla House offers street kitchen-style Fresh Mex food, using only the freshest ingredients. In Tortilla House, Ratina’s customers can create exactly the kind of burrito, taco, quesadilla, or salad that they want, with a wide range of fillings and extras to choose from. Tortilla House’s popularity is based on its simple and honest food, and on its friendly and straightforward service and easygoing approach. Customers can either enjoy their meal in the restaurant or take it away. Read more

P.A.Z is a warm and inviting multibrand fashion store where Ratina customers can find high-quality clothes for everyday wear or special occasions. Read more

Hohtogolf West Coast is the first neon mini-golf chain in Europe, and it’s now coming to Tampere. The neon-lit mini-golf courses in the Ratina shopping centre will offer city residents completely new and surprising experiences. Read more

Pancho Villa offers a tasty selection of Mexican-style delicacies. The versatile menu includes burgers, juicy steaks, fresh salads and a range of Mexican dishes. Pancho Villa offers something for every shopper, whether they want a whole meal or just a quick bite. Pancho Villa also offers less seasoned food for children. Read more

It’s Pure is a forerunner in pure food in Finland. From the selection of each store, at least 50% of the products are organic. It’s Pure invests in pure and fair choices and offers responsibly produced unpacked food products as well carefully chosen packed goods. The large selection at the Ratina shopping centre store includes, among others, nuts, dried fruits and berries, delicacies, sweets and snacks. Read more

The gift item and home decor store Gide has a wide range of unique gift items and practical but beautiful home accessories. The owners of the store keep a close eye on the latest trends, and make sure the selection in their shop at Ratina is always fresh. The expert staff are happy to provide innovative ideas for daily life and celebrations. Read more

Halonen is a trendy and modern Finnish company. In our Ratina shopping centre store you can find a wide selection of clothing for women and men, and a Z.I.P Jeans section for young. In addition to these there will be a large and versatile shoe department in Ratina shopping centre. Our products represent the best brands and we offer fashion in all sizes and for all ages. Halonen also offers own brand products of high quality. Read more

Polarn O. Pyret is the leading Swedish children’s clothing brand that has produced durable quality clothes for children for over 40 years. Polarn O. Pyret is known for high quality, functional details and Scandinavian design. These clothes that are produced according to sustainable development principles endure and can be re-used by many children. Polarn O. Pyret is launched in the second floor of Ratina shopping centre. You are served by experienced children’s clothing professionals. Read more

Ratina shopping centre will have many interesting restaurants, adding plenty of diversity to Tampere’s range of restaurants. One of the culinary gems is the rapidly growing restaurant chain Classic Pizza Restaurant. Read more

One of the fashion providers in the Ratina shopping centre is Your FACE. The Your FACE fashion chain is part of the domestic Luhta brand family, and it targets fashionable women who have found their classical style and follow their time. Your FACE in Ratina offers a versatile selection of fashion with good price-quality ratio that encourages the customers to be the personal selves that they are. From our collection you can assemble a beautiful, functional wardrobe that can be easily varied: you find clothes, shoes, bags and accessories for everyday life and for special occasions from our store. The collection of our Ratina shopping centre store includes also Ril’s high-quality products. Your FACE creates small wonders with good choices! Read more

DNA Kauppa is the largest mobile phone chain in Finland. We offer you a wide selection of top quality mobile phones, tablets and accessories. We also provide unique entertainment services, affordable subscriber connections and fast network connections. Our experts in Ratina shopping centre are pleased to help you with finding suitable solutions related to your entertainment or efficient working needs. Read more

Two new grocery stores will be opened in Ratina shopping centre, one of them being a large K-Supermarket. This grocery store relies on an extensive quality selection and offers the best ingredients combined with easy shopping for all the foodies in Tampere. Read more

Aarikka is a Finnish company founded in 1954. Its design is known for its crisp Scandinavian lines, round shapes, and wood. Our stylish store in Ratina shopping centre is full of beautiful Aarikka jewellery and unique interior products. From our great selection you find gifts or home products, for example, kitchen supplies, lamps, clocks and other accessories. Read more

Reima has clothed children since 1944. Reima is know as the leading brand in functional children’s wear. In Ratina shopping centre you find a good quality, year-around, tip-to-toe wardrobe for children of 0 to 12 years. Functionality, safety, sustainability and innovation are fundamental to Reima design. Read more

Our Ratina wants to be a shopping centre where community will play an important role and therefore locals are invited to participate in the development of the shopping centre. The team of shopping centre developers consisting of inhabitants of the Ratinanniemi area has already had the opportunity to participate by coming up with names for the different parts of the shopping centre and considering functionalities like accessibility and the needs of different customer groups. Marjatta Koskinen is part of the team of developers. Read more

The construction of the shopping centre, which will comprise over 50,000 square metres of net floor space, has progressed to the roofing stage and construction is on schedule. Excavation work on the shopping centre consisting of three unique buildings has been completed, and the construction of the frame of the new Valo-Ratina building is nearly finished. Read more

Shopping centre Ratina will be completed in spring 2018, and it will be the largest commercial centre in Tampere The new venue already bears signs of local lives, and the foundation stone will permanently display personal messages by some of the residents. Read more

Clas Ohlson will open a store in the Ratina shopping centre in spring 2018. The premises will make it possible to offer Clas Ohlson’s entire extensive product range to customers. Clas Ohlson offers convenient and functional solutions to help solve everyday practical problems at low prices. The Ratina store will be Clas Ohlson’s first store in a shopping centre environment in Tampere. Read more

Two historic functionalist buildings from the 1930s will constitute a significant part of the Ratina shopping centre. A functionalist city block that has fallen into disrepair will be renovated by Sponda to give it a new lease of life while respecting the historic cultural environment. The facades of the buildings are protected, which means that they will be restored to their original appearance or very close to it. Read more

The street art on the construction site barriers around the Ratina shopping centre is a monument to communality that lights up the dark season. The bright street artworks by artists and students in Tampere make the street scene more colourful and serve as a visible form of expression for their makers. The shopping centre that will be completed in 2018 places great emphasis on communality. Read more

Ratina shopping centre’s information event for local residents drew in many people from the Ratina area. Especially the residents in Ratinanranta are looking forward to the opening of the new shopping centre. Ratina shopping centre will bring a significant number of new services to Pirkanmaa, especially for the residents of Ratinanranta, the neighbourhood located on the shore of Pyhäjärvi. Read more