The Ratina shopping centre brings something entirely new to the city. The new shopping centre marks a significant turn in the development of Tampere and the Ratina district. Ratina will be an experience-oriented urban space where community and collaboration will play important roles. Read more about what is being said about Ratina and what services it will offer. Keep abreast of the area’s development and the progress of construction.

Sponda’s award-winning coworking concept MOW (Mothership of Work) is expanding as Sponda opens a new coworking space in the Ratina shopping centre in Tampere in autumn 2018. Read more

In April 2018, chef and restaurateur Arto Rastas will open his latest creation in Ratina shopping centre’s most visible part, “Periscope”, taking the restaurant selection in Tampere to new heights. Read more

The largest and most upscale shopping centre in Tampere, Ratina shopping centre, will open next year on 19 April. Ratina shopping centre, in a unique location in the heart of Tampere, will be a diverse hub for recreation and entertainment in the Pirkanmaa region. The complex contains a total of approximately 53,000 square metres of retail and service premises, with more than 150 shops. Read more

Starting from the spring 2018, Ratina will feature a wide and diverse range of stores focusing on interior decoration and free time, such as Vallila, Finlayson, Faunatar, Teknikmagasinet, Clas Ohlson, Top Sport and Suomalainen Kirjakauppa. Read more

The Ratina shopping centre, which is being developed by Sponda and will open in central Tampere in spring 2018, is holding its topping out ceremony today. The largest shopping centre in Tampere will include approximately 53,000 square metres of retail and service premises with more than 150 businesses. Read more

Ratina shopping centre will have many interesting restaurants, adding plenty of diversity to Tampere’s range of restaurants. Just some of the restaurants coming to Ratina are the salad outlet Salaattiasema, Hanko Sushi, Tortilla House, Eat Your Greens!, ZiCi, and Kung Food Panda. Each of these is a newcomer to Tampere. Read more

Mervi Ahola is the new shopping centre manager at Ratina shopping centre. Ahola took up the position in February. Ahola was previously a department store director at Kesko. Read more

The Ratina shopping centre, which is being developed by Sponda and will be completed in central Tampere in 2018, will again participate in Tampere Illuminations. Visible from two directions, the lighting will feature Ratina’s theme colours of red and white, making the building glow up to its highest point, the Periscope. The red-and-white wall illumination will remain in place until March. The lighting will be implemented by Mika Yli-Jyrä from Profilight. Read more

The new Ratina development will have a solid foundation, as two old functionalist buildings, well known by everyone in Tampere, will become important components of the new shopping centre and latest addition to the city centre. The functionalist buildings will be renovated and sensitively restored to preserve their historical and architectural character. Read more

The foundation stone of shopping centre Ratina, developed by Sponda, will be laid in Tampere today, Thursday 12 May 2016 at 14:00. The celebration will be organised at the shopping centre’s construction site in Ratina. Participants in the laying of the foundation stone include the Mayor of Tampere Anna-Kaisa Ikonen, Member of Parliament Arto Satonen and Sponda’s President and CEO Kari Inkinen. Read more

As a result of the construction of the Ratina shopping centre, Vuolteenkatu will be moved closer to the bus station. In the future, Vuolteenkatu will pass partially over the new Ratina shopping centre. The area under the street will include structures such as the shopping centre’s maintenance facilities, an air raid shelter, parking facilities and storage space. Read more

The Ratina shopping centre will be completed in spring 2018 in central Tampere. Ratina will be a new kind of urban space that is inspired by the communal feeling brought alive by the local residents and communities. Everyone can contribute to the creation of the new urban culture in a unique way by posting, for example, a love note in the centre of the retail area, on the Ratina plaza. The shopping centre is collecting notes from people during the construction stage, and the notes will be permanently posted on a note board at the shopping centre. The aim is to collect up to 100,000 notes. Read more

The frame of the Ratina shopping centre will begin to rise quickly this week, when a giant tower crane is erected on the construction site. There are only four cranes of this size in Finland at the moment. Read more

The Ratina Consortium (Työyhteenliittymä Ratina) has been chosen as the contractor for the frame and facade contract of the Ratina shopping centre. The consortium comprises Rakennusliike Aki Hyrkkönen Oy, Lamminsivu Oy and Alasen Rakennus Oy. The consortium will function as the main contractor in the project. Read more

A Functionalist city block that has fallen into disrepair in Tampere’s Ratina district will be renovated by Sponda to give it a new lease of life. Scheduled to be opened in 2018, the Ratina shopping centre will be part of a significant historical and cultural environment that reflects the urban development of Tampere in various ways. Read more

Real estate company Sponda today signed an agreement with the City of Tampere to build the Ratina shopping centre. As part of the agreement Sponda is buying from the City of Tampere the piece of land for the shopping centre and the property on the Autotuonti block. The total investment in the shopping centre is estimated at some EUR 200 million. Read more

Sponda Plc has made the decision to develop the Ratina shopping centre inTampere. Ratina will be Tampere's largest and most upscale shopping centre,situated in a unique location in the heart of the city. Comprised of threebuildings, the shopping centre will be a versatile hub for recreation andentertainment in Tampere. Read more

The Ratina shopping centre, which will be completed in central Tampere in 2018, will be an active hub whose three separate buildings and surrounding marketplace areas will provide a setting for various community activities. Five Tampere-based artists joined hands to paint a collaborative piece of graffiti art on the construction site barrier of the future Valo-Ratina building. The purpose of the piece is to remind people of the importance of community and shared activity. The work was produced as part of Tampere Illuminations, which celebrates its 50th anniversary this year. Read more