Over 140 stores in three different buildings

Ratina will include two grocery stores, specialty shops selling products and services in the areas of fashion, wellness, interior design and recreation, as well as a diverse range of restaurants and cafés. Examples of the new shopping centre’s tenants include K-Supermarket, Lidl, Alko, Clas Ohlson, H&M, Reima, Luhta Brand Store, Granit, Aarikka, Fitness24Seven and Pirte.


Visiting the shopping centre will be convenient thanks to the functional and modern parking facility on the underground levels. The parking facility will have capacity for approximately 1,215 cars on two levels. The shopping centre can be directly accessed from the parking floors by escalators, inclined moving walkways and lifts.

Hairlekiini is a barber shop and hair salon for the whole family and a specialty shop for hair care products. At their location in Ratina shopping centre, you will always find service tailored just for you, whether you need a quick haircut or dye during a busy day or want to pamper yourself with relaxing all-exclusive hair care. Hairlekiini also has walk-in service: customers can simply walk-in and have their hair cut in between shopping. The expert staff at the Ratina location are also happy to recommend hair care products that are just right for you. Read more

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